About Me

I am Jayarathina Madharasan. Y (pronounced /ʤɛ̝ɪ̯ʌɾʌt̪t̪ɪn̺ə mɑ:ðʌɾʌsʌn̺/)

I am an autodidact. Working as a freelancer on the side, while trying develop projects for eTrent Soft (yeah, my own company).

I enjoy reading booksA lot

I am interested in philosophy and theology. In my free time I blog, edit ta.wikipedia and chat with my friends.

I hold a master’s degree in Computer Applications from Pondicherry University.

I created this site just for fun. I wanted a place to express my thoughts, get in touch with my friends and keep track of my projects. I use this site as a playground for my web projects and a way to help people who might face the same problems with computers as I do.

The Half and Half Man - Miss Fit

The above image is from The Half and Half Man By Jonathan Chan depicts my dilemma perfectly. I just don’t see me fitting into anyone’s plan. I am a miss fit, a square peg in a round hole.

My motto in life is to [symple_highlight color=”gray”]be the best of what ever I am[/symple_highlight]. I try hard to be that everyday. I want to Live to make an impact! I could be the best dancer, the best writer, the best cricketer, the best student, the best whatever it was that I wanted to be, and I will be. One of my drawback is that once I start something I just can’t stop until I’m absolutely finished.

There you go. That is all for now folks.. So, how have you been?…