2009 – A year that was…

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Last year was fantastic for me..

Even though I didn’t do the best in everything, I did learn a lot. It was a wonderful year.

I made some wonderful experiences last year, both in personal and professional life. I published a firefox add-on and wrote a small program for Sudoku. I made some new friends. Got in touch with old ones. Learned a lot.. Literally a lot about persons and relationship. Even thought my spiritual life was not good, I was not bad also. I bought a new laptop last year.

I did had my own share of failures, but I think I did a good job in over coming them.  The only thing I hate was that I was too busy. I didn’t have much time to concentrate on important things like family, friends etc.. In fact I was trying to  publish this post from new year’s eve.

My new year resolution for this year would be to reduce my temper, to enjoy life a bit, most importantly to be less dependent on others. And to be more friendly with others.

I don’t know whether I am getting mature or losing my childhood (if am yet!), I was not excited about New Year ’10. Once in my childhood days, I would get all exited during Christmas season, but this year, it was different. Even though nothing physically changed, something was different. My view changed. I don’t know whether it is for good or bad. 😕

I hope you too enjoyed last year and I Wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2010!

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