2010! – 2011?

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2010 – The year that was…

2010 was a year filled with joy, hope, despair, failures and heart-breaks.

Didn’t read a lot of books which I should have. – This is the only regret I have in the past year.  But I did learn a lot.

I found out the importance of friendship and relationship.

Bought a new mobile and a LCD monitor 😀

Fought some nasty fights and realized that It was not worth it and gave up. Some people think only with in a circle and some don’t think at-all.

It was the year in which my four years dream of designing for Recursion came true. Got lots of experience in that event. Saw new abilities in others. And discovered some of my own.

I got placed in CTS. ( 😀 or should it be :-(  ❗ ❓ ❗ )

It was the year in which i tried hard to find purpose in my life and FAILED. Failed really hard.

2011 – The year that will be…

2011 will be the year in which I finish my masters degree. It will also be the year in which I will make some important decisions.

Hope God uses me to my full potential or I let God to use me to my/his full potential. :-)

And as usual I don’t have any new years resolution other than blogging, I don’t think “New Year Resolutions” are a good idea.

So lets see what happened in the year which has unfolded itself….

Wish You a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

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