A Nice Wedding Invitation

written on May 28, 2010 in Just For Fun and My Articles and My Life with 2 comments

Bride and groom, backs facing the camera, in f...

Before you jump into conclusion, it is NOT my wedding invitation…

Ok, I don’t know why this is happening, but all of a sudden, one by one, all my friends are getting married. I know this will happen, but didn’t expect it so soon. I am happy for them, but a little bit sad that I can not hang out with them as usual anymore.

Following is a wedding Invitation I received, It was creative. The groom has mixed his passion of Java within this invitation. Hope you’ll enjoy it too.

I know, you are the pillar of your organization
people near you need your input to run properly
the whole world network will come down if you take leave
roads, dams and buildings will collapse, if you are not at work.

But, it is my marriage and it’s your responsibility to be present. So stop all work and plan your trip.

My wedding occasion doesn’t contain catch blocks like no time exceptions, too busy exception, forgot the date exception, next week will meet exceptions or other run time exceptions when you try to make your presence.

Yours this side,
Bride and Groom