Hearts 60 Reasons to Thank Him

written on January 16, 2013 in My Life with one Comment

Thank you God

This is the time of the year when I usually ponder about things that happened in the past 365 days, reflect upon their significance and share them with you. But lately I am a bit down. Last year I quit my job and I am trying to make it on my own now. And it is hard. Trusting in God I took this step. I hope everything works out well. As Steve Jobs did, I hope I too can connect the dots backwards. When I think about it, I am not in a very bad position, so I made this list of things I am thankful for and thankful to God.

This list is not in any specific order. Some items on this list might be very silly to you. But I am thankful for them too. Not only because I like them, but also because they have been my inspiration in unexpected situations and had brighten my day.

01. My mom
02. Confession
03. Eucharist
04. Rosary
05. Guardian Angel
06. Catholic Church
07. (Trustworthy) Friends
08. Freedom from guilt
09. Bible
10. Mobile Phone
11. Java – FAOSS
12. Wikipedia
13. A friend who says, “I like you”
14. Blue sky
15. Stars
16. Eyes
17. Ice-cream
18. My room and my privacy
19. Cute Babies and Intelligent Children
20. Tamil
21. Bike
22. Tree and its shadow
23. Christmas and everything related to it
24. Dance (Barathanatiyam)
25. Carnatic Music
26. Cinema – Movies
27. Knowledge – Wisdom
28. Internet
29. Cotton candy
30. Priests
31. Candle Light
32. Hot Coffee on a rainy day
33. Beautiful Hair
34. Ready-made cloths
35. Eggs and Omelets
36. Nail-cutters
37. Teachers
38. Zen Stories
39. Balloons
40. Hugs
41. Church bells
42. Sunshine
43. Books and Libraries
44. Moon light
45. Sea shore walk
46. Roses
47. My Life
48. Freedom
49. Ink pens
50. Photographs and Photo frames
51. Figurine
52. Saints
53. Easter and Liturgical season
54. Soap bubbles
55. Watch
56. Smile
57. Radio
58. Cathedrals and Church buildings
59. Old news papers
60. Diaries

Thunderstorms, A Good night’s sleep.. I could keep on going, but probably you are bored already. So I am stopping here… 😉

Wish you all a happy and prosperous new year.

[P.S: Please remember me in your prayers]