Maths.. I am not the only one.. shuu…

written on March 16, 2010 in My Articles and My Life and To Think with no comments

Today my friend Aron buzzed the following, It is told by a character named vidya in Chetan Bhagat’sThe three mistakes of my life“, to her tutor Govind about how she feels about Maths. ( Page 45 /46chapter 4 )

‘Let me make myself clear. I positively hate maths. For me it occupies a place right up there with cockroaches and lizards. I get disgusted, nauseated, and depressed by it. Between an electric shock or a maths test, I will choose the former. I heard some people have to walk two miles to get water in Rajasthan. I would trade my maths problems for that walk, everyday. Maths is the worst thing ever invented by man. What were they thinking? Language is too easy, so let’s make up some creepy symbols and manipulate them to haunt every generation of kids. Who cares if sin theta is different from cos theta? Who wants to know the expansion of the sum of cubes?’

I am now happy because I am not the only one who feels like this.. I really hated my school life because of maths, physics and chemistry.. And way by gods grace I ended up with my favorite subject computer science..