Enthiran – In a Nerds View

written on October 12, 2010 in Just For Fun and My Articles with no comments

These are the thoughts i got while watching Rajini’s new film Enthiran – எந்திரன். Ans yes I saw it, and Yes I like it.

As pointed out by many this film is a great break thru for Indian cinema. Breath taking graphics, would be wonderful if a 3D version is released.


I know i am going to be thrashed by all my friends when they meet me. But sorry guys, I can’t help it. Both good and bad robo has failed in all three laws of robotics. Check out Wikipedia to know what are those laws.  [Its like saying you can study computer networks in one night and solve a real time problem, which affected your entire network by dashing your keyboard – Guess who did this and in what film??? :-)  Clue: He is related to Rajini…]


Why was the Professor (Dr.)  Bohra villanified unnecessarily? His relation ship with foreign terrorists is not necessary to the plot. And the reason why he rejected the robo v1.0 is absolutely correct and justified. So ? — I think shanker was afraid of Rajini fans to show Rajini as the only villan.


Endhiran is not a bad movie. (I will not term any movie as ‘bad’ after watching Sam Anderson in Yaaruku Yaaro – And i should receive death penalty to even think of comparing both, yes he is that bad ) It’s worth the watch just for Rajini’s acting and Shankar’s imagination. It will become the highest grossing blockbuster of all time in India and if you are a Rajini fan i bet you will watch it at-least 3 times. Endhiran is by far the best attempt India has made in terms of Sci Fi movies. The only thing that stands in between Endhiran as just another movie and a classic is a person called Sujatha Rangarajan. Sorry folks, for me Endhiran will go down as yet another sci-fi attempt in Indian movie history. Dot.