[Good Read] In the Nizam’s Dominions – Bret Wallach on Hyderabad After the Nizams

written on November 29, 2012 in Informative and My Articles with no comments

I came across an article by Bret Wallach, titled “In the Nizam’s Dominions“. It shows an unique view of Hyderabad in the 1980’s. A vivid description of Hyderabad after the Nizams Rule. The characters the author encounters in this article, for example like the honest bus conductor or the bank manager, are those whom we would meet in our everyday life in any part of India.

An excerpt for your reading pleasure:

Scenes like these stick with you. One goes to India, after all, knowing that the country’s poverty is bottomless and that charity is quixotic. One sees the decay and perhaps perceives the fear that is so fundamental to the country’s fumbling desperation and outright corruption. What comes as a surprise is the speed with which you adjust to these conditions. What comes as a surprise is the difficulty you have in forgetting the country when you have gone home. What comes as a surprise is that there is so much dignity among people with so little else.

I recommend that you read the entire article embedded below for you:

You can also download the article as a PDF from parker.ou.edu (158KB).