Uniqueness of Jesus Christ : Part 1

written on January 11, 2010 in My Articles and Religion with no comments

The Uniqueness of Christianity:

What is unique about Christianity? The answer is simple. Its nothing. It’s not special at all. It shares the frailties and failures of other religions. It’s history has been marred by war and torture, lies and greed, slavery and racism. As an institution, it is contaminated by greed, hypocrisy and secular outlook. Moreover, it is frequently boring, moralistic and authoritarian.


All religions in the world are based on the teaching and philosophy of their founder. For example the Muslim faith is based on the teachings of Mohamed, Buddhism is based on the teachings Buddha, Confucianism on the teachings of Confucius, Marxism on the teachings of Marx, and evolution on the teachings of Darwin.  Not one of these is based on the observation of historical data or facts, but on the teachings and theories of men (yes, including evolution. Its not science, Its just a faith. evolution is based on theory—not on observable data).

Christianity, however, is founded, not on what Jesus taught (and this distinction is vital to grasp) but on who Jesus is and on what Jesus accomplished. Of course, as Christians, we stand firmly on His teachings. No one ever spoke and taught like Jesus, but ultimately, the value of what He said was dependent upon who He was and what He did.

All other beliefs are based on the teachings and ideas of those who were nothing more than mere men. No matter how brilliant, charismatic, or powerful they may be, there is no guarantee of their objectivity, accuracy or ultimate ability to deliver what they have promised.

The uniqueness of Christianity, however, ultimately depends on the uniqueness of its central figure – the Lord Jesus Christ. Hence it is not Christianity, that is special. But it is Jesus Christ who is special. Christ’s uniqueness is so great that no one, absolutely no one, can be compared with Him.

To be continued…