My Childhood Favourite: Captain Planet

written on July 5, 2009 in Informative and My Life and To Think with no comments

After a very long time I had a chance to hear this song. And see a couple of video on youtube.

By YOUR powers combined, I am Captain Planet!  Is the theme of Captain Planet. “THE POWER IS YOURS” is one of Captain Planet’s favorite expressions because it captures the extraordinary ability of one person to make a change. Captain Planet was summoned whenever the five Planeteers combined the forces of their elemental rings. This emphasized the show’s premise that only by working together could people protect the planet and provide solutions to environmental problems. Likewise, Captain Planet’s appearance did not identify him with any one culture or ethnicity, as his hair was Forest Green and his skin was Sky Blue.

Children of 90-s can’t forget him. In-fact this is one of the first series which planted environmental awareness in my mind. I firmly believe that such shows must shown to kids these days, rather than showing them WWF or cartoon which promote violence.