Rajasekar, Rest In Peace…

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Rajasekar. R

(20-October-1987 – 25-May-2011)

A Monolouge: 25th May, 2011: A Black Day of My Life
‘Wait a minute. Is it true? It is really him?’ – I read the text message for the third time.
It read:

Siva to you:
RAJASEKHAR , the one who studied with us in Petit ,
passed away :( today ..


‘It should be some one else by the same name’, ‘God it can’t be him’. ‘It definitely can’t. How can it be him?’


I ran from the mall to to take my bike back to home. It was the longest ride of my life. All the way along I was hoping and praying that it should be some one else. I promised mary I will pray 10 rosarys if it was not him. Ha….

All my prayers were in vain. It was Him.

Anand said it was an accident, in hyderabad. Lory hit his bike.

I studied from 4std to 10std with him. He was one of the brightest in our class. Not those haughty ones but the friendly one.

I was not very close to him, but still. How could this happen to him. That too this young age? It is truly not fair. In situation like these, I loose my faith and question God. I do not see any fair/good/logical reason for him to pass away.

I can recall only two of my very vague memories about him.

It was second week of my X std. I accompanied with my mom to an advocates house for some legal consultancy. His house was right next to the advocates house. It was a pleasant surprise. He invited me to his home and his mom gave me a cup of coffee. That was the very first time I went to a friends house. Next day in class, he said to everyone that I came to his home.

All thruout 10std, Mr. Ilangovan Pazanoor (Tamil Teacher), used to advise him to study well because of his family situation.. Now…???

It was in 8Std. Public exams were going on. I remember because the school was rescheduled to afternoon shift. While standing in line to enter into the class, he came to me, took a comb from his pocket and combed my hair. After changing it to two or three styles. He said, “un mudi epadi varunalum padiyuthuda.” (lit. your hair can be styled in any form). That was the first complement I ever received about my physique.

These happened 8 and 10 years back. I wish I can say these thing to him now.

It was six years ago, the last time I met him in person.

We lost touch and went on with our lives. I caught him on Facebook few months back thru Antony’s. And now because of the same damm Facebook, I am grieving..

I am now sitting before my computer refreshing his Facebook page. Reading his wall.. reading what his friends has to say about him. And hoping that some one, some how, will post that it was all just a prank..

Please someone post that it is a prank.. Please… I beg you… ;-(