Reading Books Online. Huh?

written on January 20, 2011 in Me and My Books and My Articles and My Life with no comments
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After my previous post about internet and my reading habit, some of my friends proudly boasted that they don’t like read books as hard copy, instead they use their laptops or desktops (seriously-desktops-?) to do that.

Hmmm… I am sorry to beak the bad news guys, but just last week alone Times of India carried two articles explaining the ill effects of reading from computers and too much of “online life”. So I now have scientific proof to backup my claim.

Article 1

Readers using e-books are less likely to absorb what they have read because of the simple presentation.

A study by Princeton University in the US found that a significant number of those tested could recall more information when it was presented in unusual typefaces. The research suggests that introducing ‘disfluency,’ by making information superficially harder to understand, deepens the process of learning and encourages better retention. (Read full article at  TOI)

Article 2

Too much Internet use by teens might be related to depression, a new study finds. (Read full article at  TOI)

So stop using too much internet and start to read books. But can some body explain me what is “too much internet” means?