Wish You All a Happy…. Hehum … New Year 2012

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Yeap… Its mid of march and I am wishing you all a Happy New Year….

I was attending my training in my new job at a new location and was not able to update my usual reflections of the past year at the year end. Also when I came home for new year break, Cyclone Thane has ransacked my beautiful home town. It was one heck of a terrifying journey back home.

So here it is…

2011 The year that was…

Even though I did many things this year, I will always remember this year as the one in which I made a decision on 20 May which changed my life forever. I decided not to pursue my desire of becoming a Catholic Priest. There was a lot of reasons behind it. Most of which will be a secret in my heart till the Judgement Day. But I hope that even though I am sure that I will regret this decision all my life. I have no choice. It is finished.

Secondly this is the year in which I faced the reality of Death. A friend of mine passed away in a horrible accident. Life is sometimes is very cruel. I still don’t know why it had to happen. This is another question I save for The Judgement Day. I had nightmares for days about him. Still in one corner of my heart, I hopes all of that was a dream.

The year in which I completed my Masters Degree. 15 June was the day in which my Guide accepted my project. It was also the Red moon day. It was awesome feeling to look at the sky at night in the terrace of my home alone at night.

This is the year in which I read 12 books one for each month. :-) (I also bought my very own first book shelf.)

This is the year in which I prayed 10 rosaries in a single day (17 Oct). This was pending for a very long time on my to-do list.

This will also be the year in which I stopped using Pirated software, movies, music and so on because I found out that using them was a mortal sin (30 Oct). I switched to genuine versions of them.

And I bought a Tablet this year. 😀

This is the year in which I joined my first real Job and earned my first real salary. Made new friends and cherished old one. I hope my new venture at this new company will be a blessed one.

The year ended terribly because of the cyclone. It just taught me to trust in God and hope for the best.

I don’t know what 2012 has installed for me. But I am sure its gonna be one heck of a roller coaster ride..

P.S: A couple of weeks ago I stared my 25th year around the sun. God has blessed me all these years. I hope and pray that I know and serve him better with my life. Please do pray for me.

Wish you all a joyous and prosperous new year.

God Loves You.

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