Clip To OneNote

If this extension has made your life a bit easier, please consider making a contribution. It would really mean a lot to me.

What is Clip to OneNote?

Clip to OneNote is a free add-on which helps you to send text, pictures and other data to Microsoft Office OneNote with a single click. It is currently available for Firefox, Thunderbird, Google Chrome and Opera.

Why did you create this?

Microsoft Office OneNote, is a software package for free-form information gathering. Firefox add-on for collecting data to OneNote (similar to that of IE) was missing, which was a handicap for me to switch to Firefox. Hence I wrote this for my personal use based on an older add-on.

As time went by, based on user’s feedback and requests, I updated it and even ported it for chrome and opera.

Ok I would like to try, where to start?

Please read the help guide. It has extensive details about the requirements, how to install, usage guide, options available in the listener and frequently asked questions.

I have a problem, I can't make it work. Can you help me?

Sure I would love to help you. Please read help guide>>FAQ>>Help! Its is not working for me! section. If this does not solve your problem, please contact me thru the form below.

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