A Buzz from My Friend

The following conversation happened in one of my friend‘s Facebook account: Him: Christmas is here but no happiness in me Reply he received:  Christmas doesn’t bring happiness, its the reason to be Happy I believe that sums it up all…  Read More»

Matteo Ricci

Image via Wikipedia Matteo Ricci (October 6, 1552 – May 11, 1610; simplified Chinese: 利玛窦; traditional Chinese: 利瑪竇; pinyin: Lì Mǎdòu; courtesy name: 西泰 Xītài) Some Interesting Facts About Him: Born in Macerata, central Italy. Definitely NOT a Chinese. He  Read More»

God as a Programmer!

While I was reading bible some days ago I got struck at the first chapter in the bible. The creation. What struck me was in the creation process, God creates light first and then creates the bodies to bear light.  Read More»