Thank You God

Hearts 60 Reasons to Thank Him

This is the time of the year when I usually ponder about things that happened in the past 365 days, reflect upon their significance and share them with you. But lately I am a bit down. Last year I quit  Read More»

2010! – 2011?

2010 – The year that was… 2010 was a year filled with joy, hope, despair, failures and heart-breaks. Didn’t read a lot of books which I should have. – This is the only regret I have in the past year.   Read More»

2009 – A year that was…

Image via Flicker Last year was fantastic for me.. Even though I didn’t do the best in everything, I did learn a lot. It was a wonderful year. I made some wonderful experiences last year, both in personal and professional  Read More»

Happy New Year!

I was very busy this holiday season, I didn’t have time, to publish this post, which I thought of publishing on new year’s eve. In fact I am happy about it. Last year was amazing for me. even though I  Read More»